Mulching Tools

Mulch has several benefits when you use it in your home gardens or landscapes. It gives your landscape a well-kept look and also aids in reducing weed growth, retains moisture, prevents erosion and shields your plants from extreme temperatures. Although the local supply stores sell commercial mulches, you can pick up some mulching tools and make some cheap mulching material at home.

Lawn Mowers

Greenworks-25022-12-amp-20-3-in-1-electric-lawn-mowerThey are an essential mulching tool. A lawn mower that has a grass catcher enables you to cut simply and bag leaves. It also allows you to gather grass clippings that you can use as mulch. Today most manufacturers build mulching mowers that are specifically for producing mulch that is finely chopped that you can leave on your lawn or gather to spread in another place. Do not layer the clipping over one inch deep since thick layers of grass can inhibit oxygen and moisture from penetrating the soil.

Leaf Shredders

If you have some property that has many trees, you can invest in a leaf shredder. Fallen leaves are an amazing organic mulching material, and when you chop them up in a leaf shredder, you hasten the decomposition process. You can also use the leaves you shred with this tool to the compost bin so that it can add more nutrients to the mulching material. Ensure you only put dry leaves in the leaf shredder since the machine can clog up if the leaves have moisture.

Wood Chippers

BXTYou can also use a wood chipper to make organic wood chip mulch. You only need to put the fallen branches, large bark pieces, limbs and twigs into the wood chipper. The machine breaks the materials into tiny and more convenient pieces. The resulting mulch is decorative and especially efficient in putting nutrients into the soil.

A Sturdy Rake

The rake can help you spread the mulch evenly. Bow rakes have tiny strong lines that are typically almost three inches long. The leaf rakes are useful for moving fluffy mulches. When you want to transfer mulch from a wheelbarrow, put some small piles of mulch instead of one large one in the garden. That way, you can spread the mulch in a simple way.

Gloves, Masks

You can also invest in some gloves to protect your hands when applying mulch. Gloves made of heavy-duty leather or rubber give the best protection. You can also wear a dust mask to shield your lungs.


You can get information on more mulching tools that can be of help at Open Permaculture School and Regenerative Leadership Institute online.

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Keep greywater from polluting your freshwater  

Greywater is the water that comes from the daily activities that utilize the water except the toilet. Toilet water is treated as blackwater and should only be treated in specially constructed septic tanks to break down the human fecal matter. There are lots of pathogens that are found in human waste that makes the water a health hazard.


Although the greywater is not as dirty as the blackwater, it is still not safe for reuse indoors as it is. As for the outdoor use, the water can be used for irrigation. However, you should irrigate plants that are high enough so that the water does not touch the edible parts.

The grey water can also be used to flush the toilets in the toilets. However, one needs to be careful not to end up mixing the fresh drinking water with the reclaimed greywater or have people accidentally coming into contact with the water. Here are some things  to keep in mind

Greywater should be utilized as soon as it is generated. The bacteria in the water act on the water and uses up all the oxygen therein. After 24 hours there might not be any oxygen left in the water. This kind of water is dangerous to use and should not be used at all. Thus, any treatment or utilization should be done within this period.

Laundry To Landscape

Grey water should not be released near water catchment areas such near creeks and rivers. Even with treatment, greywater is still not safe for drinking and other activities as washing clothes. It is thus important to ensure that it does not reach the water bodies as they will pollute the water and might end up as your tap water.

You should also ensure that the sewer and fresh water pipes are not on the same line. In the case of a double leakage, the water from the greywater pipe might pollute the freshwater pipe. If the water is to be utilized in the house after treating, the pipes should be well labeled and connected directly to the area of use, such as the toilet. This eliminates the risk of anyone using the greywater for domestic use accidentally.

The Open Permaculture School and Regenerative Leadership Institute teaches on safe management of greywater and rain catchment strategies. The courses also teach on the management of water resources at home and the community level. This helps you deal with high water bills and protect the environment and water resources from being polluted by human activities

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Self sustainable living and its need

The term Self Sustainable Living is by all accounts spreading and picking up energy yet it appears that many people are uncertain of what Self Sustainable Living is. Self Sustainable Living is about point of view. Some may envision Self Sustainable Living as living amidst no place while delivering your own particular nourishment, water and vitality in a cabin or trailer or something. Others may see Self Sustainable Living as making their homes vitality proficient with sun oriented boards, wind turbines or perhaps a geo warm unit while developing some nourishment.


To me Self Sustainable Living is a lifestyle. My business for instance is Self Sustainable Living. I individuals deliver their own particular nourishment, water and vitality and in addition make flourishing and profit from their home. In the event that you are making your own particular nourishment, water and vitality and in addition profiting and making thriving for yourself you are totally self maintained. Regardless of the possibility that you are profiting and making thriving for yourself you are self managing.

dgefimage4I feel that later on our whole economy and the world in general will be founded on Self Sustainable Living. At present we live in reality as we know it where we go to work and profit for a time-based compensation. The vast majority who do this can’t stand to pay every one of the bills toward the end of the month and therefore are not managing themselves. However in the event that their pay depended on execution where the more cash they made for the organization the more they got paid a great many people would make more benefit for their organization with a specific end goal to profit for themselves. This would permit them to have the capacity to pay the bill toward the end of the month accordingly maintaining them. Profiting in view of your own endeavors would be viewed as a type of Self Sustainable Living.

Tragically the framework is not set up like this and the vast majority are not maintaining themselves. Another way would be to begin your own business and support yourself. Another sample of a non maintainable method for living is the means by which our present cultivating framework and our collaborate business don’t work in a way that supports our biological community. Right now we are doing occasional flat cultivating. We are including chemicals, for example, hormones and pesticides to our nourishment which is declining our dirt and hurting our bodies along these lines not managing our surroundings or our bodies. To the extent corporate business and industry are concerned we are devouring more assets then we can repeat, for example, trees, rainforests, minerals and valuable metals and contaminating our surroundings hence annihilating our surroundings. However in the event that we were to use vertical homesteads (year round hydroponic cultivating frameworks constructed layer by layer into the sky) we could recover our dirt, create more nourishment and different assets then we require accordingly Self Sustaining our surroundings and biological community. Also check permaculture design course reviews for more information.


Right now there is a little gathering of a couple of first class affluent few that control our assets, our occupations and economy in for their very own increase and benefit. In spite of the fact that this little gathering of individuals are bringing about a lot of harm if people began getting to be Self Sustainable then begun gathering together we could see a totally Self Sustainable future and a world loaded with flourishing and plenitude.

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Physical labor on farms

     As you know farming, and especially permaculture is done by hand work. While in farming a lot of work is done by machines, there is still a lot of physical things that must be done. And permaculture is even more oriented toward physical labor.  And this is why you won’t see skinny people working on farms or in permaculture garden systems. Those activities require strength, and through constant work you gain strength, so before you know you are looking like a regular gym visitor.

     Well the point of farming is not exercise, the point is in most cases healthy food. And while growing that healthy food, people do healthy activities and thus they live healthy. Living healthy, people that work in permaculture systems and farms build natural strength and muscle, and they don’t spoil it by eating junk food because they are living like that to grow themselves healthy food to eat. A magic circle indeed.

grow your food banner

     But why should I work all day like an animal to grow myself tomatoes, when I can go to a store and buy them for spare money? These questions are reasons many hate even the thoughts of farming or gardening, and when you look at it with half closed eyes (I mean from their perspective) then they are right, why should we work our asses of.

     If you know someone who is familiar with what is permaculture and its basic principles and grows his plants following these, please do a little test. Go buy tomato or any other plant in the market and eat it. Then go and eat a tomato from the garden of that permaculturist, and you will understand why some people do so much work to produce something they can buy for pocket change in a market. I bet the tomato from the garden has better taste, it may not have perfect shape or it is not the same color on all its surface, but the taste is there. It will be the case with all products from that garden.

     People work like crazy on farms and in their garden because they know what they want to eat. They don’t want products that look perfect, taste bland and are full of pesticides and god knows what else. They want food that they have grown, because they know what is healthy and has better taste. And it is not just growing plants. Making other products instead of buying them will never leave you hungry. Just try homemade bread, you will understand what I talk about.

Emulate a Permaculture Food Forest in Your Vegetable Garden

     And in general I don’t see the downside in working on farm or in the permaculture garden. Yes, you will have to work, but that will build up your physical strength and muscles, same thing you would have to pay gym membership to do. Just look at the more known permaculturists, people like Vladislav Davidzon, some of them have over 50 years, and they still have more physical ability than a lot of people in their twenties. And this way instead of wasting time on workout, you workout while you do chores in your garden  or on your farm. And after that you can sit back and relax while eating products of your own hard work.

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Fermenting – Make your own beverages

   Growing your own food is a good thing, but you can go a step further. You can use plants you grow to make your own beverages. Thing you make doesn’t have to be for drinking purposes, they can be used for making of your winter stores of food.

   Fermenting is a process with which you gain beverages from fermentation of different fruits or vegetables. Fermentation is an excellent way of preserving food and it was major way for food preservation in past.

  hard_apple_cider A very important and useful thing you can make through fermentation is apple cider vinegar. Way for making it is easy and if you love alcoholic beverages in this process you can make one. Since apple cider vinegar is made from hard apple cider, so you must make that first. And if you make your own apple cider vinegar you will notice that it has quality that no cider you buy in stores have.

   And here is a recipe for your own apple cider and apple cider vinegar. First use a container and fill it with apples. Add water and sugar, 1 to 16 ratio and wait and stir it once every day for a week. One more thing, container must be covered with a breathable cloth all the time. And there you have it, after a week you will have your cider to drink, easy isn’t it. And if you want to make vinegar from that, simply prevent yourself from drinking it and let it stay sealed for 3 to 4 weeks and there you have it.

Permaculture In 3 Minutes – Regenerative Leadership Institute from RegenerativeLeadership Institute on Vimeo.

   Next thing you can make is sourdough starter and it is easy as it was with making of apple cider vinegar. Again choose a container as you did with your vinegar, and fill it with flour and water in 2 to 1 ratio. And for the next five days add same amount of both to the original mix. From the first day you will sense strange aromas coming out of it but don’t panic, after five days of doing it you will have your own handmade sourdough starter to bake with.

   You love ginger beer? If you do then why buy it when you can make it by yourself and it will be tastier than those you buy, that I guarantee. Again fermentation is a key and again you will have to add things to the original. But first as always find container in which you will make your ginger beer, you can use any larger jar for that, but it doesn’t really matter. Bigger containers will take more ingredients but if you scale it well it will work, ratio never changes, remember that. Add in 1 to 1 to 15-20 ratio of grated ginger, sugar and water. After that add the one third ( of the original ratio size ) of both grated ginger and sugar every day for a week and that is it, your ginger beer is ready.

How to Grow Ginger in a Food Forest

   While many people think of permaculture as gardening, permaculture is much more than just its most well-known gardening application, and free permaculture training course is your opportunity to experience the full range of design possibilities applicable to your own property. “Live of the nature and with the nature” were some of the words of Vladislav Davidzon, founder of few permaculture oriented organizations, and fermentation is just one more way of living healthy with things nature provides.

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